Mintz Privacy Policy

Policy of Mintz and its subsidiaries on privacy

At Mintz, the confidentiality and the protection of personal information are elements which are of extreme importance. Because we offer security services and investigation services our primary concern is the gathering and the use of personal information about our clients who are part of our daily routine. Our other concern is with the personal information which we obtain on our employees. Consequently, we have established a privacy policy in order to govern the actions of the employees of Mintz and of its subsidiaries regarding the gathering, the use, retention and disclosure of personal information. All the employees of our subsidiaries must abide by our commitment to privacy in the handling of the personal information. Our commitment is definitive. We want to offer products and services of quality to support and accentuate the confidence of our customers and our employees. We adhere to the following principles in the treatment of personal information:

  • To ensure the impartiality in our use of personal information;
  • To minimize the risk of interferences;
  • To protect the private character and the confidentiality of the personal information obtained;
  • To transmit only to those which have the right to have access or when required by law;
  • To comply with the applicable laws in the countries where we carry out our activities

Since Mintz and its subsidiaries are an important provider of products and services in the security and investigation fields, our privacy policy can vary according to requirements in certain countries